Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science

Since its foundation 74 years ago, our university has consistently pursued an educational style featuring small classes and support for campus life, learning and employment. We have maintained a high level of “hands-on” education and helped students to gain practical skills useful after graduation. Students can also participate in a short-term overseas program (partially funded by the university) to improve their English proficiency. In the Engineering Faculty, we promote small student-number education emphasizing experiments and learning through hands-on exercises. Students in all courses of the Faculty of Applied Information Technology learn the rudiments of information collection, analysis and applications indispensable to IT engineers and develop the ability to create new values. Additionaly In the Human and Computer Intelligence Course, they can put these abilities to practical use in various national robot competitions.

Japanese Language Course

This course is designed to provide the basic language skills needed to proceed to higher learning at a Japanese university. We have a special NiAS undergraduate examination for candidates recommended by Japanese Language Course. If accepted, you will be offered 300,000 yen reduction for entrance fee and tuition fee.

Undergraduate School

Faculty of Engineering/Department of Engineering
 Naval Architecture Course
 Mechanical Engineering Course
 Architecture Course
 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course
 Medical Engineering Course
Faculty of Applied Information Technology/Department of Applied Information Technology
 Human and Computer Intelligence Course
 Management Engineering Course
 Life Environment Engineering Course

Post Graduate School

Doctoral Program
 Department of Integrated Systems Engineering
Master’s Program
 Department of Industrial Technology
 Department of Environmental Planning
 Department of Electronics and Information Technology



About Japanese Language Course

1.Course Goals

This course is for international students hoping to enter the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science (NiAS) or other universities in Japan. The course is designed to enhance the academic abilities necessary to complete Japanese undergraduate or graduate school programs.


This is a one year course.
Depending on performance, a student can request a one year extension.
 1st Semester: April to July
 2nd Semester: September to January


24 720 
2 60 


4.Grading and Graduation

Grades are given based on daily in-class performance, as well as examination results.
Examinations are conducted in June, July and January. A certificate is issued upon completion of the required credits.
a) A minimum of 30 credits is required for graduation.
b) Graduation will be approved based on grades earned and class attendance.
c) Students may be expelled if absences from any single class exceeded 20% of the required class hours during the one-year period. Regular class attendance is expected of all students.

5.University Entrance

Students who have successfully completed Japanese Language Course will have the opportunity to gain admission to NiAS undergraduate program.
a) Those who are successfully admitted to NiAS can have exemption of Admission Fee and Tuition Fee. ( Total Amount of Exemption: 300,000 yen)
b) Those who have completed undergraduate studies can take an entrance exam to the Graduate School of NiAS or transfer to an upper year of undergraduate studies.
c) Those who enroll at NiAS can receive a 40% reduction of tuition fees through the University Tuition Fees Reduction Scheme


Students are eligible to apply for the following scholarship:
“Japan Students Service Organization Honors Scholarship for Self-Financing Overseas Students”
a) Number of applicants: Limited to a few students (subject to change)
b) Application: Scheduled for April
c) Stipend: 48,000 yen monthly for a one year period (subject to change)

7.Academic Year Schedule (subject to change)

Entrance CeremonyBeginning of April
Orientation to JLCBeginning of April
Start of Spring SemesterFirst Week of April
Field Trip 1April
Mid-Term ExaminationEnd of May
Final Exam of the Spring SemesterEnd of July
Summer VacationBeginning of August - Beginning of September
Start of Fall SemesterSeptember
Field Trip 2 & 3September & November
Winter VacationEnd of December - Beginning of January
Classes start againBeginning of January
Final Examination of the YearEnd of January
Graduation CeremonyMarch

8.Weekly Time Table (subject to change)

Mon 8:50-10:20Japanese10:30-12:00Japanese13:00-14:30Japanese14:40-16:10Conversation B
Wed8:50-10:20Japanese10:30-12:00Japanese13:00-14:30Math14:40-16:10Physical Education
Thurs8:50-10:20Japanese10:30-12:00Japanese13:00-14:30Composition14:40-16:10Conversation A




1.Number of Students to be Admitted

: 30


Students who are foreign nationals, and meet the following two requirements:

(1) Those who have completed 12-years curriculum of schooling in their home country or expect to complete their education before entering the Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course(Bekka), or those who are of an eligible age and have been deemed to have an equivalent educational background or higher than requirements stipulated above (e.g., person who has a “Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates in Japan”)

(2) Those who have studied Japnese language for more than a year (more than 300hours) or have Japanese Language Proficiency equivalent to Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)N4 level at the time of Application for the course.

3.Application Procedures

(1) The application fee and all the required documents have to arrive at NiAS Japanese Language Course office BEFORE the deadline. All applications should be directed to the following address.

    Japanese Language Course, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
    536 Aba Machi, Nagasaki, 851-0193, Japan
    Telephone (81) 95-838-5591
    Facsimile (81) 95-838-3465

(2) Application Periods

 1 August 19,2019(Mon) - September 13, 2019(Fri) 
 2 September 24,2019(Tue) - November 1, 2019(Fri) 
 3 January 14,2020(Tue) - February 28,2020(Fri) 

(3) Application Fee: JPY20,000

Please note that only full payment will be accepted.
Fees are not refundable.

    Bank Account:
    Name of Bank:  The Eighteenth Bank, Ltd. Himi Branch
    Address of Bank: 40-1 Syuku-machi, Nagasaki, 851-0121
    Swift Code of Bank: EITNJPJT
    Account Type: Ordinary
    Account, No. 10777
    Account Holder: Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
    Holder`s Address : 536 Aba-machi, Nagasaki, 851-0193

4. Important Information for the Application

(1) when the documents are written in a language other than Japanese or English, it is the applicant's Responsibility to attach a Japanese or English translation with an official seal certified by a government, a notary public, or an educational institution.

(2) All application documents shiuld be seat in one package.

(3) Fill out the application forms with a black ink pen or a ballpoint pen
 *Erasable pens are not acceptable

(4) The applicante will be deprived of the qualifications for candidacy, if any false satements on the application documents are found.

(5) submit the original copies of certification for application except in specified cases. submitting any copies of documents on request, make sure that they have been copied clearly.

(6) Applicants may be requested to submit additional documents if Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science considers ia as necessary.

(7) The documentssubmitted will nt be returned

(8) Keep acopy of the application documents in case the documents are needed for a visa application

5. Screening

After a review of application documents and an online interview, applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection.

6. Result Notification

Applications received during the first period: Early October
Applications received during the second period: Late November
Applications received during the third period: as admitted

7. NiAS Japanese Language Course Procedures


 Fee  Amount 
 Admission fee  ¥100,000 
 Tuition (one year)  ¥500,000 
 Learning experience fees   ¥50,000 
 Learning materials fee   ¥30,000 
 Total  ¥680,000 
Due:upon issue of Certificate of Eligibility 
(1) The applicant must complete the registration process by the deadline in order to enter the course. No late registration will be accepted
(2) The Admission fee will not be refunded for any reason once it has been received
(3) Thoseapplicants who decline to registerin the course for unavoidable resons must tenderacancellation of registration by the deadline in order to received a refund of the Tuition.More details will be included in the registration package sent to successful applicants.

Application Flowchart

ApplicantsNiAS JLC
1. Download the documents
2. Send the completed documents and pay for the application fee.
3. Screening
4.Interview Notification for Successful Applocants
5. Receive an online interview.
6. Notification of Results
7. Represeritative application for the ‘Certificate of eligibility
8. Request of the payment
9. Payment of Admission Fee and Tuition
10. Submission of the `certificate of eligibility`and letter of
11. Visa Apllication
12. Enter into Japan.

List of Documents


For, use the official form from our web site.(Files Download)



Daily Life

1. Living Expenses

Average living expenses in Nagasaki are lower than those in most major Japanese cities. The average monthly Nagasaki living costs for NiAS students are estimated as follows:

 Housing  ¥25,000 - 35,000 
 Meals  ¥30,000 - 40,000 
 Miscellaneous  ¥10,000 - 20,000 
 Total  ¥65,000 - 95,000 

Note: There are many different apartment types available. Apartments in Japan are almost completely unfurnished.

2. Housing

a) NiAS Dormitory -“WASHIN-RYO”-for International Students

Newly admitted overseas students have priority to live in this dormitory. All rooms are double rooms, which consist of two rooms, a combination dining-kitchen, a bath room and a toilet. Monthly rent is 25,000 Japanese yen and the monthly fee for common facilities is 1,000 Japanese yen. Double rooms are furnished with two beds, two desks and two chairs, an air-conditioner, a refrigerator and a washing machine. Wi-Fi is also available for a fee of about 1,500 Japanese yen/month. It takes 30 minutes from the main campus on foot and 10 minutes by bicycles. There are a shopping mall, supermarkets and convenience stores in the vicinity. Smoking is not allowed at any time except in the designated area.

b) Accommodations for International Students introduced by NiAS (subject to change)

NiAS will help first year international students find accommodations.
The monthly rent is around ¥25,000 - ¥35,000 (gas, electricity, and water rates are not included).
An additional fee (key money) is required: the annual rate is ¥30,000.
The university equips each accommodation with a desk, chair and Japanese-style bedding.
Students have to pay for their own mattress and blankets: one set is ¥8,500.

c) Privately owned apartments:

Students can rent a privately owned apartment or house instead of accommodations recommended by the university. In this case, Japanese custom usually requires renters to pay a one-time lump-sum in addition to monthly rent, which is called Shikikin and Rekin. Shikikin is a damage security deposit and may be refunded upon vacating. Reikin is a nonrefundable fee paid to the landlord. Shikikin and Reikin combined usually totals 1-4 months monthly rent.

*NiAS overseas students are required to enroll in the “Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students”(the annual premium is ¥4,000).

3. Health Insurance

a) National Health Insurance (compulsory)

The insurance generally covers 70% of all medical expenses, which means that patients pay only the remaining 30% at a hospital, clinic or dental office. Applications are accepted at Nagasaki City Hall when students apply for resident card. The annual premium is ¥17,800.

b) Student Accident and Injury Insurance (compulsory)

All students must apply for this insurance covering medical treatment of injuries sustained in class or during extracurricular activities. The annual premium is ¥800



For further information:

For more information, please see the "Japanese Course for Japanese Language Courses" brochure.

Billing address:

Japanese Language Course Office, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
536 Aba-machi, Nagasaki City 851-0193, Japan
Telephone (81)95-838-5591
Facsimile (81)95-838-3465